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Accessible Travel Trailers

With the touch of a button our new powered bed moves from one wall to the other

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startrl17.gif (94658 bytes) Roll under counter 

Our new one piece roll in shower featuring a new shower barrier screen which gives

the privacy one would require.  Also featuring the ability to put the toilet in the 

shower if needed.

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Power Slide Bed moves easily from one side of Coach to the other

While the One Piece molded Shower Enclosure 

includes a private Toilet

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of molded shower enclosure and 

accessible kitchen sink

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Accessible Travel Trailer Featuring:

  1.   Under Vehicle Lift

  2.   Roll Under Counter Tops

  3.   Roll In Showers

  4.   Twin Beds         

            trvl_tr1.jpg (35857 bytes)   trv_tr3.jpg (40958 bytes)


Featuring Couch, Hideaway, Table and Bed

all in One Unit!



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Queen Sized Bed with Easy Access on Side and End

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Trailer with Slide Out

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