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"Smart System"  Travel Charger


Mobility Scooter Battery Charger


The Travel Charge mobility scooter battery charger operates directly 

from a 12 volt automotive system and charges mobility scooters while traveling.


The device is fully enclosed to prevent weather damage or other hazards.


The Travel Charge eliminates the search for AC power while on the road.  

Your scooter does not need to be removed from the vehicle at night solely for 

charging batteries.


Leave the scooter plugged into the Travel Charge.  The charger "knows" when 

your battery is fully charged and shuts off automatically.


Feature Summary


Operates only when the vehicle is running to prevent the discharge of the vehicle battery.

Indicator: red when the battery is charging and green when the charger is in its "float" mode, meaning the battery is fully charged.

any Scooter or wheelchair with 24V GEL/CEL Batteries may be charged.  The only requirement to customize for your scooter is the appropriate male plug.

Permanent, easy installation. 

Safety Notes

The system should be used on GEL/CEL Batteries only.

Non-sealed batteries should not be charged within closed areas including a passenger compartment or closed baggage compartment.


   the Travel Charger is Compact but Powerful

(Must be Installed by Qualified Technician)

"Eliminates the search for AC power

while on the rooad"


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