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                 Accessible Motor Homes            



    25' Accessible Coach

    Extra Wide Door For Easy Access

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Super Arm Lift Used on 25'

Accessible Motor Home

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Motor Home with

Wheelchair Lift





U-Shaped Couch with Removable Table

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a Motor Home Interior

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  1. Easy Access Counter Space

  2. Slide Out Gives Exceptional Room

  3. Slide Out Provides Dining Space

  4. Slide Out Table For Easy Access

  5. Super Arm Lift in Action

  6. Super Arm on Lift Takes up only 10" 

  7. Wheelchair access beside the bed

  8. Roll-thru Shower

  9. Super Arm Lift in Normal Position

  10. Easy Entrance for Able-Bodied or Wheelchair

Motor Home Interior

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Motor Home Interior with Super Arm Lift

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Click on Thumbnails to see SUPER ARM Being Used  by Wheelchair Confined Person to enter Motor Home through normal sized door

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Wheel Chair Has Been Modified with Installation of Oversized Rear Wheels

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Step 1:Bring arm down to chair    Step 2:Attach arm to chair  Step 3 and 4:Raise chair off the ground  Step 5:Remove large wheels  Step 6 and 7:Place large wheel between legs  Step 8:Lift yourself into coach  Step 9:Lower chair onto the step bridge  Step 10:Detach Super Arm lift and See you later!





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Motor Home with Second Door

 for Wheelchair Lift

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